Should I Switch to Remote Start?

car remote starter

Do you live in a place where the temperatures either drop to bone-chilling temperatures or rise to a mercury-shattering high? Walking out to a car in either scenario is not particularly appealing, is it? If you want to avoid this problem, consider investing in a car remote starter.

What Is Remote Start?

When you get a car remote starter, it means that you press a button on the key fob and it starts the car even if you’re inside your home or office. This saves you from having to go open the car, sit down, and then turn it on. It’s an option that offers immense convenience.

It Can Warm Up Your Car on a Cold Day

There are few things less appealing than walking outside with the wind biting your face as you make your way to your car. You then have to sit inside and shiver while waiting for the car to start and then gradually warm up as the heater kicks on.

Instead, you can just press a button on the car remote starter, and if you have the heat on, the car can start warming up while it sits there idling. You will be able to climb into a nice toasty car, which is an excellent feeling on those cold winter days. Plus, it can help protect technology like your car audio, which also represents a large market, with people paying $43 million for it in 2018, according to PR Newswire.

It Can Cool Your Car on a Hot Day

On the other hand, there are some summer days when you’re afraid that you might melt before you even reach your car. You can avoid having to climb into a car with hot car seats and breathe in that stagnant air by using your car remote starter. By doing this, you can start the car and have the air conditioner run for a few minutes so that you can get into a pleasantly cool car.

Are you thinking of installing a remote starter? Contact D&B Sales today to see what models we have and learn more about how you can benefit from switching to remote start. We look forward to helping you with this exciting upgrade for your vehicle!



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