3 Ways Upgrade Your Ride Today

Are you a music lover? Do you want to be able to really hear the music when you’re in your car? Maybe your car has a manufacturer’s original car audio system that doesn’t quite meet your needs. Or maybe you have an older car that doesn’t meet today’s car audio system standards. Either way, the good news is that you can easily upgrade your ride’s system and it may not even be that expensive to do so. Below are a few ways to improve the sound and audio experience in your car.

1. Upgrade Your Speakers

Perhaps the most straightforward way to get better sound in your car is to replace the manufacturer speakers with something of a little higher quality. Manufacturer speakers are meant to appeal to the masses. Most car buyers aren’t picky about them. However, if you want the best sound, you probably want something better than the manufacturer’s originals. You can find new speakers at many different price points at your local car audio system dealer.

2. Replace the Amp

Your car’s amplifier sends signals to the speakers about how to play the sound. A new amp can accomplish a few things. One is that it can make the sound louder. After replacing your amp, the bass sound in your car will be much louder than it was before. New amps can also send more signals about the sound, which can allow you to hear the music on a deeper level and hear more sounds within the music.

3. Add Equalizers

Upgrading your car audio system isn’t just about making the music louder. Another way to improve the system is to raise or lower the volume of specific frequencies going through your speakers by adding equalizers. This will make vocals more articulate by boosting the treble’s frequency range.

The car audio market is projected to hit 13.52 billion by 2028, according to GlobeNewswire. If you’re ready to upgrade your car audio system, contact D & B Sales to explore our options and find the upgrades that best meet your needs and budget.



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