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5 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Car

Whether you are looking to remake the stock paint on your vehicle or have custom auto paint applied, you should have plenty of options available. According to Astute Analytics, the global market for automotive paint topped $18 billion in 2021 and should grow to about $23.25 billion by 2027. That means there are a multitude of options and providers to choose from. With how accessible car touchups are, here are five sure signs that it’s time to repaint your car. 1. Body Damage Occurs Car collisions and other accidents that damage the body are fairly common occurrences that just about everyone experiences. You might have a lienholder who requires you to fix the damage and repaint the vehicle. Auto insurance also might pay for the cost to repair it if another driver or a third party caused the accident. Even if you are at fault, your insurer should cover the cost minus any deductible that might apply if you have collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. 2. Peeling Clear Coat The sun’s UV rays can damage the clear coat that protects the paint beneath it. So could high winds from driving and any debris or minor sand particles that might be in the air. Eventually, the clear coat might begin to peel and separate from the paint. When that happens, a stock or new custom paint job is needed to fix it. 3. Sun-Faded Paint The paint itself also can become affected by UV rays and aging. You might notice it is not as lustrous as it was when you bought it, and no amount of waxing and polishing will restore it. When the paint is fading, it is giving you a strong sign that it needs to be replaced. 4. Cosmetic Chips and Scratches Flying stones and other small, hard objects will

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